14 Multinational Enterprises, Supporting Increasing Agricultural Production

14 Multinational Enterprises, Supporting Increasing Agricultural Production – A total of 14 multinational companies committed to supporting sustainable agricultural development partnership program of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Indonesia to help Indonesia’s efforts to increase agricultural production and achieve food security.

When giving a press conference on the sidelines of the WEF East Asia in Jakarta, Sunday, Vice Minister of Agriculture Krisnamurthi said the multinational companies which include Nestle, Sinar Mas, Dupont, Unilever, Sygenta, Kraft, Cargill, Astra International and Indofood will be directly involved in efforts aimed at increasing agricultural productivity, improved supply chain of agricultural products and farmers’ welfare.

“Indonesia was chosen as a partner because of the potential of natural resources and huge market. Indonesia’s leadership was also recognized at regional and global levels. Indonesia also has many initiatives related to food security and the environment,” he said.

According to Bayu, sustainable agricultural development partnership program began in June and plans prepared realized in July 2011.

“This program will run for three years and its evaluation will be presented during the WEF meeting in Davos in 2012,” he said.

Increase production

Meanwhile, Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa said the partnership program is targeted for the agricultural sector can increase agricultural production to 20 percent, reduce carbon emissions by 20 percent and 20 percent decrease in rural poverty.

But Hatta Rajasa could not mention the time frame of achieving these targets, as well as funds invested to make it happen.

“Detailed program will be compiled by us with the partners. What is clear covering supply chain improvements, increased production, risk management, increase farmers’ income and harmonization of standards,” said Bayu.

With regard to the President Director of PT Nestle Indonesia Arshad Chaudhry said it will engage in efforts to increase the productivity of cocoa plantations of cocoa farmers and their welfare.

Arshad said Nestle Indonesia in collaboration with relevant stakeholders to make a model plantation interests in the Sulawesi cocoa plantations to increase productivity and quality of cocoa farmers.

“We make the model easily replicated elsewhere to improve productivity and support efforts to improve Indonesian food security. We also provide training for farmers,” he said.

In addition, he continued, Nestle also help dairy farmers in East Java to improve the quality and quantity of dairy products.

Meanwhile Franky Widjaja Oesman of PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources & Technology Tbk said it was involved in efforts to increase palm oil production capacity through access to financing aid rejuvenation of plantations for oil palm growers.

“We designed the garden rejuvenation savings for three years for oil palm growers,” he said.

President Director of Astra International Prijono Sugiarto said it would also involve themselves in efforts to increase the productivity of palm oil and palm oil downstream industry development.

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