Agriculture Programs, Not to Increase the Degree of Farmer

Agriculture Programs, Not to Increase the Degree of Farmer. Nations rich in natural resources such as Indonesia should be able to create national independence and prosperity for their people. But in reality, the management of Indonesia’s natural resource wealth has not been supported by government policies (political will) in order to be utilized as much as possible for the welfare of the community.
So many government programs are found at short notice, a huge cost from the State Budget. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of government programs in the agricultural sector is still far off the mark, although farming is an extremely vital and important role because it can improve the life of most Indonesian people.
Government program in this case the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) that was so spectacular and varied to increase productivity and empower farmers, it is not yet right on target. It can be proved from the condition of Indonesian farmers are still poor, so always expect help and intervention of central government to the regions.
The government apparently has not realized that the various programs that digelontorkannya did not give solutions to improve welfare of farmers. The government should no longer focus on increasing agricultural production per se, because such coercion will make farmers more and more enslaved by the landlords who dominated the conglomerates and groups.
How ironic, that agrarian reform should be to restore the 8.7 million hectares of productive land into agriculture, particularly food crops, was never realized. The biggest part that needs to be done in a revolution in agriculture are determined by the Basic Agrarian Law No. 5 of 1960, which until now still remains valid, but it always has the constraint seemed endless.
As a result, farmers still can not be free to produce and increase their income. The key is actually very classical. The Government should issue policies to create markets for farmers and enhance agricultural product prices. For that, the importation of agricultural products should be produced independently, which meets 100 percent of domestic needs to be stopped by whatever pretext. Therefore, imports of food products and will only destroy the market and the selling price of products and local food.
If the government still insists on allowing imports of the agricultural sector was rampant then actually show a variety of programs and government assistance in agriculture has not achieved success. Gradually, it is feared it will lead to loss of confidence in the government against the power of their nation. This is evident from the difficulty of this country irrespective of imported food products, even when the euphoria of self-sufficiency in rice and maize 2008, and exports of rice this year.
Questionable, why farmers, especially food crop farmers remain poor, the exchange rate is always low food farmers, farmers ‘access to food remains difficult agricultural inputs such as fertilizer and improved seed, and the severity level of food farmers’ land ownership did not move from average 0.3 hectares. For that in the near term, the government should encourage and restore the sovereignty of food to farmers to save and restore the dignity of the nation.
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