Agroindustry Definition

Agro-industry is an activity that utilizes agricultural products as raw materials, designing and providing equipment and services for these activities. Explicitly understanding Agroindustry first disclosed by Austin (1981), namely vegetable processing company (which is derived from plants) or animal origin (produced by animals). The process used includes the conversion and preservation through physical or chemical treatment, storage, packaging and distribution. Agro Products can be an end product ready for consumption or as raw material for other industrial products.

Agroindustrial complex is part of the agricultural industry since the production of primary agricultural materials, industrial processing or transformation to its use by consumers.

Agro-industry is linked activities (interlasi) production, processing, transportation, storage, financing, marketing and distribution of agricultural products.

From the view of experts socio-economic, agro-industry (processing of agricultural products) is part of the agreed five agribusiness subsystems, ie subsystems providing production facilities and equipment. farming, processing, marketing, facilities and coaching. Agro-industry thus includes Agricultural Products Processing Industry, Industrial Equipment and Agricultural Machinery Industry, and Agriculture Services.

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