Biological Agents, Efforts to Reduce Agricultural Residues

Biological agents, Efforts to Reduce Agricultural Residues – One of the international rejection of the Country Indonesia agricultural products in general because it was found that high chemical residues in agricultural products are produced. Farmers are still many who use pesticides indiscriminately, including most of the farmers in the district of Tulungagung.

In order to better understand farmers use pesticides wisely, the Department of Agriculture Tulungagung District, is currently conducting a Field School Integrated Pest Management (SLPHT), cabbage plants owned by farmers’ groups Waluyo teak, Desa Padangan Kecamatan Ngantru Tulungagung District.

The Coordinator of Plant Pest Control Organisms Tulungagung District Agricultural Office, Sugeng SP, farmers who follow SLPHT is getting a lot of material, including knowledge of pests and plant diseases, including how to control.

“More importantly, Waluyo Teak Farmers Group will then have the material on the procedures for making biological agents. The way of making simple, low cost, but the effect produced to control pests and diseases is very good with effects that are environmentally friendly,” said the clever man who sing this .

Sugeng added each year will continue the introduction of biological agents for the farmers’ groups in other areas. “The target farmers more aware of how to control pests and diseases in plants with an environmentally friendly way,” added Sugeng.

Meanwhile Ali, one of the participants felt a huge benefit to attending the training. “We came to know, what effect if we do the spraying excessively on our cabbage plants. More importantly, we harvested cabbage with a nice, without negative effects for people who buy our products and the money we spent to control pests and diseases more cheaply by using biological agents, “he said on the sidelines to learn to make biological agents.

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