Definition of Agribusiness

Agribusiness is a farm-based business or other fields that support it, both upstream and downstream sectors. Reference to “upstream” and “downstream” refers to the basic view that the agribusiness sector work on food chains (food supply chain). Agribusiness, in other words, is the economic outlook for food supply business. As an academic subject, agribusiness learn strategies to manage aspects gain cultivation, supply of raw materials, postharvest, processing, until the marketing stage.

The term “agribusiness” is absorbed from English: agribusiness, which is a portmanteau of agriculture (agriculture) and business (business). In the Indonesian language is also known variant anglisismenya, agribusiness.

The object of agribusiness can be plants, animals or other organisms. Aquaculture activities is a core (core), agribusiness, although an agribusiness company does not have to own this activity. If the product of culture (the crop) used by the managers themselves, this event is called subsistence farming, and is the most primitive agri-business activities. Utilization of itself can mean also sell or exchange to meet the everyday purposes.

In today’s agribusiness development not only covers the food industry just because of the utilization of agricultural products has been closely related to the pharmaceutical, technology, materials, and energy supply.

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