Definition of Organic Agriculture and What Is Organic Farming

Organic agriculture is a cultivation technique that relies on natural ingredients without the use of synthetic chemicals. Organic farming is the agricultural production systems that avoid or severely limit the use of chemical fertilizer (plant), pesticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and feed additives.

Environmentally sound cultivation is an agricultural cultivation are planned and implemented with due regard to the properties, conditions and environmental sustainability, thus natural resources in the environment can be utilized as possible so that the damage and environmental deterioration can be avoided and resources in order to preserve natural resources and the environment.

The main purpose of organic agriculture is to provide agricultural products, especially food which is safe for the health of producers and consumers and does not damage the environment.
Thus a healthy lifestyle has been institutionalized internationally, which requires the assurance that agricultural products should be safe to eat beratribut (food safety attributes), high nutrient content (nutritional attributes) and environmentally friendly (eco-labeling attributes). Consumer preferences such as these cause the world demand for organic agricultural products increased rapidly.
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