Displays of Agriculture into Agrotourism

Displays of Agriculture into Agrotourism – Regent of Kutai Kartanagara (Kukar), Rita Widyasari thank the entire committee who have worked hard to succeed the National Week (Penas) Contact Farmers and Fishermen Mainstay (KTNA) XIII. Vice-President since it opened June 18 to 23 at GOR Boediono Aji Imbut Kukar up to yesterday’s closing she said, the event runs smoothly.

“Thank God, I express my gratitude for the support of all committee and we are all very excited, especially the county committee who have worked hard and done well, smooth, and successful,” said Rita Penas conducted after closure of the Minister of Agriculture Suswono, at Madya Stadium GOR Aji Imbut Tenggarong Seberang Kukar.

According to Rita, the successful implementation of the Penas not be separated from the support of all parties. Kukar want to be known throughout Indonesia. “We want agriculture in the more advanced aquatic mammal,” he said.

Related to the management of agricultural pilot demonstration plots display is behind the Velodrome GOR Imbut Aji, he said it would be a place of training, the study will even be agrotourism as a tourist destination.

“We’re going to manage continuously, according to our fixed determination to promote the spirit of agriculture. I was with the Governor, Minister of Agriculture will sit together to talk about this, related to who should be running a pilot for Kukar, East Kalimantan, Indonesia and even,” he said.

Rita added that agricultural demonstration plots after Penas will remain a pilot. “I do not want it replaced. Problem budget will be discussed. We will develop agro-tourism as one of the destinations,” he concluded.

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