Drought, Agricultural Land Failed Harvest

Drought, Agricultural Land Failed Harvest – A number of districts in Bali recently hit by drought, especially farmland. As a result, hundreds of hectares of paddy crop failures with losses reaching hundreds of millions.

In Jembrana District, for example, at least an area of ​​510 hectares of paddy crop failures.

In addition to drought, paddy fields are also attacked by several types of pests such as the planthopper and tungro disease.

Some farmers claimed miscalculation in predicting weather conditions, which was thought to planting seeds in May will be the rainy season, but it actually misses the dry season. Thus, when the rice was only two months, which should get the water turned out to drought, so the rice plants die.

A farmer from the village of Mendoyo, Gusti Putu Suantra, 55, admitted the failure of the rice harvest, he had trouble paying the debt at the Subak (traditional irrigation organization) local, who used the procurement of seed capital.

“I included a rainfed rice field, so therefore there is no rain fields automatically my dryness,” I Suantra.

Similar recognition is also made other farmers, Dewa Gede Gunawan, Yehembang village of origin.

“From one hectare of rice, I could only harvest at most five acres (500 M2) alone,? Gunawan said.

For the failure of the harvest, Gunawan admit failure and loss of tens of millions.

In the future, so that failure can be minimized, Gunawan expect the agricultural extension workers took to the field for pest control.

During this time, he acknowledges, almost never any agricultural extension officer fell into the fields to extension to farmers.

“Officials at best to do counseling in the Central Subak Only,” he complained.

Head of Agriculture Forestry and Marine (PKL) Jembrana Ketut Wiratma justify hundreds of hectares of paddy crop failure, caused by drought in addition to disease as well.

Losses predicted to reach hundreds of millions of farmers.

Following up on these conditions, it has applied for assistance to the Bali Provincial Agriculture Office to be forwarded to the central government.

The aid is intended as a subsidy or compensation for losses of farmers due to crop failure.

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