Error of the Agriculture System

Error of the Agriculture System. General Chairman of Indonesian Peasant Union Henry Saragih asserted, food import dependency and agricultural products can not be separated from Indonesia’s economic system errors that are very dependent on the global market economy system. President Yudhoyono, the ministers, and economists in Indonesia is already tied with world institutions like the IMF, WTO, and World Bank. They do not trust themselves to the power of the people of Indonesia, but which do in fact divide the direct assistance and rice reaping the poor to achieve poverty reduction false.

Henry has repeatedly warned it is important and most urgent for the Indonesian government is to immediately implement land reform or agrarian reform. Secondly, the Indonesian government not to give freedom of food imports, such as soy, milk, and meat, but should encourage local production.

Commodities such as crude palm oil, fish, and shrimp not only for export orientation, but should be marketed first to meet domestic demand. Third, the government should provide direct subsidies are not derived from foreign debt, and not just through the banking mechanism. Fourth, trade organizations, communities, cooperatives and cooperatives should be built, as well as the Public Company Bulog functioned as an agency that addresses the distribution of agricultural affairs and regulate food needs in Indonesia.

Fifth, the food and agricultural affairs should not be left to market mechanisms for large companies, because what happens when this is not a crisis but a crisis of food prices played by speculators and big companies.

The teaching staff of Faculty of Agriculture Bogor, Dwi Andreas Santosa argues, food security alone is not proven able to guarantee the people of Indonesia will gain access to food at a price that is able to reach and profitability for farmers. Food sovereignty is defined this nation should establish for yourself what is grown, meet domestic demand, able to master all the technologies, and stimulating farmers.

The government must lift the farmers so sovereign in the matter of food and food control. Dwi asserted to achieve food sovereignty in the short term, the government must restore the sovereignty of farmers over seeds, farmer’s sovereignty to the technology, farmers’ sovereignty over resources, namely land and water so that the future of Indonesia are able to stand upright in the face of international trade.

As a nation felt during the 63 years of independence, the spirit of national independence and confidence in the agricultural sector has been declining and lasts long enough. This is manifest from the solution taken by the government each time experiencing difficulties in the agricultural sector by looking for the easy road and hurt yourself, that is to import various agricultural products.

Meanwhile, farmers are still occupied by their own government, for power and the produce is being blackmailed for urban development that should build the agricultural and processing industries in the region.

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