Farmers worry by a New Disease of Tobacco

Farmers worry by a New Disease of Tobacco – Tobacco farmers in the village of Tijayan, Manisrenggo District, Klaten Regency, Central Java, worry about the emergence of diseases that cause sudden leaf wilt and die.

Supardi, local tobacco farmers when found on land garapannya on Wednesday, said he and several other tobacco farmers did not know exactly what the disease affecting their crops because of previous attacks like this has ever happened.

“The attack disease is very fast, either a virus or something. Clearly, the first attack is the root and stop the growth. In a short time the leaves wither and the plants die immediately,” he said.

This week, he continued, every morning was found a few sticks of tobacco plants in the circumstances wilt and die.

Initially the incident was so troubled by the farmers because it considers only the withering leaves of tobacco plants as a regular process that failed to grow, but after a long time increasing the number of dead and never stopped.

According to his observations, the disease is concentrated in the roots, so if the part is already shut off automatically the supply of food for the stems and leaves, too bad. Time span between the attack on the roots until the death of the leaves between one to two days. When the roots are attacked already looks wilted, the leaves still look green because it still gets the food supply from reserves accumulated in the trunk.

“But when a pile of food is up, so plants have run out of food,” complained Supardi.

Supardi admitted effort to save the plant by a patchwork has been done by directly replacing dead plants with new, however, age differences between the new plant with the previous one too much, making it difficult to match because of the age of the first cultivated plants have reached 20-25 days .

Sarono, other farmers who also experienced the same suspect, the demise of tobacco plants in this way caused by the quality of tobacco seedlings that are less good.

“This is closely related to the issue of tobacco harvest failed in 2010, during which the production of seedlings produced is also not good because the plants are dying due to high rainfall,” he said.

However, farmers remain optimistic this year’s crop is much better than last year because if you see the hot weather with a steady harvest of hope for the tobacco plant is very high.

Found separately, Chairman of the Main Unit Mitra Tani Klaten, Joko Lasono, say, the crop of tobacco in Klaten this year predicted to increase from the previous year, but the number was not as much as usual because this year reduced the area planted with tobacco.

“This year the planting of tobacco is less than 60 percent of all available land, which is only about 300 hectares to 500 hectares. If the weather continues like this, expectations of success are very high harvest of tobacco plants. I hope the success in 2009 and then repeated,” he hoped.

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