Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) under the auspices of the United Nations (UN). Headquartered in Rome, Italy, FAO aims to raise levels of nutrition and living standards, increase production, processing, marketing and distribution of food and agricultural products, promote rural development, and eliminating hunger. For example, FAO steps to eradicate the Mediterranean fruit fly from the Caribbean Basin profitable citrus industry United States.

FAO was founded in 1945 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. In 1951, its headquarters moved from Washington, DC, USA to Rome, Italy. As of 26 November 2005, FAO has 189 members (188 countries and the European Community).

FAO’s main activities are concentrated in 4 parts:

  • Development Assistance to developing countries.
  • Information on nutrition, food, agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
  •  Advice to the government.
  • Neutral forum to discuss and formulate policy on major issues of food and agriculture.