Indonesia, The World’s Largest Rice Buyers

Indonesia, The World’s Largest Rice Buyers – Along with population growth in Indonesia, the challenge of providing even greater need for food. In fact, Indonesia was declared the world’s largest rice buyer. It is delivered by the Chairman of Kadin Indonesia, Bambang Suryo Sulisto in food coordination meeting “Indonesia Feed Feed The World II” at the Hotel Nikko, Jakarta, Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

“Indonesia is the largest rice buyer in the world with a population of 240’s of millions, with growth of 1.8 percent per year. Thus, the challenge of supplying food to be something very big,” said Suryo.

He said, for this food sector policy stuck on agricultural land expansion efforts, increased imports, and rice production. In fact, he said, the biggest challenge related to the procurement of basic needs, ie how to control population growth and diversification of food supply.

“In welcoming the challenge of providing food, there are two important issues that need our attention and we try, that family planning programs and courses diversifkasi food,” he said.

In terms of natural resources, he said, the Indonesian people should be grateful to the availability of abundant natural resources. However, with the more modern life, many of these resources are neglected.

“On the other hand, the opening of new land is always dealing with the preservation of the forest must be kept together. Yard in the villages we were no longer planted with vegetables, chili, and pulses because people prefer to shop at the supermarket,” he said.

For that, he says, need to think globally and act locally (think global act local) in creating programs in the agricultural sector. To that end, he advised the government to revitalize the needs of daily food, called on the population, for example by conducting the program “inadequate panganmu from his own yard.”

Related to population control through family planning programs is not easy to do. So he said, needs to bulk motion in the call for people to do it.

The Food coordination meeting, he mentioned this activity as an effort to align programs with the Chamber of Commerce and businesses and governments through programs Masterplan Acceleration and Expansion of Economic Development of Indonesia.

Coordination Meeting was also attended by Coordinating Minister Hatta Radjasa, Suswono Minister of Agriculture, Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan, Minister of Trade Mari Elka Pangestu and Minister of Fisheries and Marine Fadel Muhammad.

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