Modern Farming Systems in Taiwan

Modern Farming Systems in Taiwan – One-hectare rice field, it only takes three hours to plant rice, if using a rice planting machine like the one in Taiwan. By cropping it certainly can save labor, time and lucrative crop is satisfactory. Per acre can produce 12 tons of grain.

Modern farming systems in Taiwan, it seems to appeal to the Head IETO Taipei.Sehingga though have to travel about 3 hours between Taipei Changhua, father of two sons keep the spirit to follow the direction of engineering consultants Chang Kuo-An during a visit to the farmers Taiwan some time ago .

In his presentation Mr. Chang explains, if agriculture in Taiwan grow rice system is very much with the existing system in Indonesia Indonesia.Jika farmers from seed in seedling nursery dihamparan. After the seedbed to grow takes approximately 15 days before rice seedlings in the pull (in daut) from the nurseries. After that the new rice planted on land. In one hectare of planting this way takes a week and requires a workforce of about four or five people.

According to Mr. Chang, if the cropping systems as farmers in Indonesia are explained above, there are certainly some shortcomings. Among them, rice seeds have been grown in the media for seedlings, then the pull back then planted in paddy fields, would be less good results. Since rice is the pull will be stressed and takes a week to recover. Its mother had grown, new anakannya grow for another week. Next pull the seedlings in the roots will be left in the seedbed can roughly 40 percent. So there hilang.Hal 40 percent of seeds that will certainly affect the outcome of production.

But if you use farm-style system of Taiwan, the rice seedlings in nursery pots in a rectangular container with a height of 2 cm. Growing media using a mixture of soil humus, red brick that has been in the puree and the chaff. Gunakanya to save ground and give seedlings respiratory pores. Furthermore, a mixture of rice and fertilizer in the media over tanam.Hanya Seeding takes nine days the seeds can be planted rice was above the wetland.

Planting method using this planting machine takes only three hours per hectare. Using this planting machine, in addition to more efficient time and labor also makes a neat plant, because the automatic machine has been separated misah seeds with the same amount and in the same line pula.Dengan using this system, will shorten the process though, planting and picking. Ranging from nursery to harvest the farmer would feel if the system will be more profitable.

Technological advantage of Taiwan agriculture, because agriculture is supported by the machine that the whole process does not absorb much manpower. As seen at the site, if there are two rooms that contained pompainer machine. A special chamber for mixing the soil grain and fertilizers, as well as a space again as a place of Mr bibit.MenuruT printing. Chan if pompainer machine serves to maintain the quality of seeds in tanam.Sementara these machines capable of producing about 3000 dapot seed production per hour.

Suhartono in his visit also had to run the engine padi.Menurutnya planting machine easy to administer, and if farmers Indonesia using this machine, it is hoped Indonesia would become the country a surplus of food. Given the land in Indonesia is still quite widespread while not utilized properly. “If Indonesia adopts agricultural system like this, maybe the story about the import of rice there’s no story anymore. Especially for farmers, which would benefit because the crop could be three times a year due to their short waktu.Selain that young workers, who may be embarrassed to work in the fields and select overseas will also be reduced. Since using the system of modern agriculture will result in getting memuaskan.maka why should exit the country? “He said.

The same thing also expressed Chang Kuo-An, if Indonesia is now using modern technology in agriculture, because if it is not going to miss with farmers from other countries. That because the lag is ultimately absurd, if an agricultural country to import rice to meet food needs of its citizens.

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