Mutual Fund Sales Agent

Mutual Fund Sales Agent – Mutual Funds Association of Indonesia (APRDI) requires the seller’s agent in the form of nonbank mutual fund for the unequal distribution of mutual fund products in Indonesia. Vice Chairman APRDI Bowo Wicaksono said based on available data as much as 80 percent of mutual funds are distributed around the Jakarta area alone, making the sale of mutual fund products are uneven.

“Therefore, it takes at least nonbank mutual fund dealer who can sell mutual funds such as insurance agents or some sort of Financial Advisor. For example in Singapore. Mutual fund dealer mostly sold by financial advisors, “said Bowo.

Demand outside the nonbank seller agent is not without cause. Because the existing regulations, a mutual dealer only be allowed to be traded in the banking system.
According to him, if your mutual funds are traded only in banks rather than just the distribution of mutual fund products will not be evenly distributed.
“If the insurance agent is allowed to sell mutual funds may distribute mutual fund products will be more evenly distributed, in which insurance agents are more numerous than the mutual fund dealer in banking circles that only refers to the investment side of it,” he concluded.