Prediction Of World Agriculture Situation In 2011

Effect of “global warming” caused a major fire, in Russian 7 million hectares of wheat on fire. Large fires in the USA, Australia. “Global warming” is also causing major flooding in China, India, Pakistan, USA, Australia that resulted in destroyed crops and food crop world wide decline.

“The Global Cold” / snow storm in Europe, Russia, Canada, the USA led to increased fuel use and agricultural land can not be planted, “transportation mode” land, sea, air disturbed and become expensive.

The impact of these events led to declining world food availability, ranging from rice, wheat, corn and soybeans and the global food price increases.
The response of plants to prolonged rainfall and limited sunshine proved to be a variable that is “essential” has a strong influence on the increase and decrease in agricultural production.
Modern countries like USA, Canada, Europe in agricultural activities using large tools; “tractor”; “combine” and airplanes. The existence of high oil prices, causing them to increase agricultural production costs, including transport costs for exports will rise. Finally, global agricultural commodity prices will rise.
With “analysa causal”, cause and effect, then in 2011 state of food in the world will be scarce and the price will increase dramatically.
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