Secret Service Agent

Secret Service Agent – A former Secret Service agent faces charges of kidnapping plot against a judge. This case came to light when he was running for sheriff in South Carolina, United States (U.S.). James Bartee was indicted for conspiracy to commit a crime. The authorities of Oconee County, South Carolina, said the 54-year-old man was trying to pay someone to do the kidnapping of a former judge James Williams jr. So reported the Associated Press.

Judge Williams Bartee known to try to get rid of the competition to get the sheriff’s seat. After being in jail, Bartee eventually released on bail of $ 10 thousand, or approximately Rp93, 3 million (Rp9.338 per dollar). But Bartee revoked passport to prevent him leave the country.

Based on the evidence following the arrest of an audio recording Bartee, a former Secret Service agent had arranged the kidnapping plan for several days with the prospective executor of his abduction. Bartee arrest was made after a request from the Oconee County sheriff today.

Through his defense, Bartee judge him very feasible to run for sheriff even if some parties do not agree. He admitted that he had become a member of the Secret Service for 25 years before finally retiring in 2000.

Secret Service also recognizes that Bartee was a former employee, but they do not explain how long Bartee joined the secret service in charge of guarding the U.S. president.

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