Watch Out for Obstacles Distribution of Agricultural Products

Watch Out for Obstacles Distribution of Agricultural Products – Indonesia Minister of Agriculture Suswono invite all parties to be alert and anticipate delays in distributing food production ahead of Idul Fitri, from production centers to the centers or the consumer market due to weather disturbances. Which triggered a wave of high seas.

Minister of Agriculture said that the day Friday, July 22, 2011 evening news conference at the Ministry of Agriculture. Suswono explained that after a meeting with the ranks of echelon I in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Some food commodities are a major concern is rice, peanuts, red pepper, red onion, cooking oil, sugar, beef, chicken and chicken eggs.

According Suswono, despite the availability of food in general can be said to be safe, but all parties still need to be vigilant and anticipate the possibility of various conditions that can cause failure of supply and a surge in food prices. Potential problems that may occur that need to be anticipated and could lead to rising food prices are increasing food needs of the above estimates.

The existence of traders’ expectations and behaviors that tend to increase prices despite the normal supply. Hamper the distribution of food production because of the weather. Fuel shortages in some areas that could disrupt food distribution. Barriers in the food distribution market due to road repairs and spill.

A variety of unofficial levies on transport of goods during the distribution process. As well as the possibility of increased security concerns in the food distribution covers penimbuan, theft and pengoplosan.

During the period of the National Religious Holidays, Minister of Agriculture will ensure the supply of food from producers to meet community needs, and follow the movement of food prices.

Local governments are required to secure the production, supply, smooth distribution, and maintaining an unreasonable price fluctuations. The associations in various commodities, both engaged in the procurement and trade of food, are encouraged to invite their members to participate in securing the availability and distribution of food.

The businesses were also asked to provide peace in society by providing an adequate supply, more sprightly, and not take unfair advantage. Media are also encouraged to provide information in a positive, objective, accurate and honest so that it can provide peace to the community.

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