A Brief History of Agriculture in the World

Domestication of dogs suspected to have been done even when humans are not familiar culture (hunting and gatherer society) and is the first farm activities.

Agricultural activities (cultivation of crops and livestock) is one of the earliest known human civilization and total forms of cultural change. Experts generally agree that prehistoric agriculture was first developed about 12,000 years ago from cultures in the region “fertile crescent” in the Middle East, covering the area of the Tigris and Euphrates River valley stretches to the west to the regions of Syria and Jordan now. The evidence was first found indicate a cultivation of grain crops (cereals, especially wheat kuna like Emmer) and legumes in the area. At that time, 2,000 years after the end of the last Ice Age in the Pleistocene era, in this intervene met many forests and grasslands that are perfect for the beginning of agriculture. 

Agriculture has been recognized by the people who have reached young rock culture (Neolithic), bronze and megaliths. Agricultural change the forms of trust, from the worship of the gods of hunting into the worship of fertility gods and the symbol of food availability.

Mechanical cultivation then spread to the west (Europe and North Africa, the Sahara was not yet fully into the desert) and east (to the East Asia and Southeast Asia). Evidence in China indicate a cultivation of millet (millet) and rice since 6000 years before Christ. Southeast Asian societies have been familiar with rice cultivation at least 3000 years BC and Japan and Korea since 1000 years BC. Meanwhile, the community of the Americas to develop the cultivation of plants and animals since the beginning of something completely different.

The first cattle were domesticated goat / sheep (7000 years BC) and pigs (6000 years BC), together with the domestication of cats. Cattle, horses, buffaloes, yaks were developed between 6000 to 3000 years BC. Birds began to be cultivated more later. Silkworm are known to have bred 2000 years BC. Raising a new freshwater fish known since 2000 years ago in China and Japan. Cultivation of marine fish known to man new even in this the 20th century.

Cultivation of vegetables and fruits are also known to mankind has been long. Ancient Egyptian Society (4000 years BC) and ancient Greek (3000 years BC) was familiar with wine and olive cultivation.

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