Agricultural Definition

Agriculture is the activity of the utilization of biological resources by humans to produce food, industrial raw materials, or energy sources, as well as to manage the environment. Activities utilization of biological resources in agriculture, including those commonly understood as cultivation of crops or crop cultivation and livestock rearing (raising), although its scope may also be the use of microorganisms and bioenzim in the processing of advanced products, such as making cheese and tempeh, or just mere extraction , such as fishing or forest exploitation.

The biggest part of the world’s population earns a meager living in areas in the sphere of agriculture, but agriculture contributes only 4% of world GDP.

Group of agricultural sciences, agricultural study with support from the supporting sciences. The core of the agricultural sciences are biology and economics. Since agriculture is always bound by space and time, supporting sciences, such as soil science, meteorology, agricultural engineering, biochemistry, and statistics, are also studied in agriculture. Farming (farming) is a core part of agriculture because it involves a set of activities performed in cultivation. Farmers is the designation for those who carry out agricultural activities, for example “tobacco farmers” or “fish farmer”. Actors livestock farming (livestock) specifically referred to as the breeders.

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