Agricultural Engineering Business and Agricultural Machinery Trade

Trade and commerce are in the hands of craftsmanship of retail and service businesses. The German market is divided roughly equally into cooperative embossed and private companies. The largest retailers are the relevant parts of the main unions (BayWa, Agravis Raiffeisen etc.) with its many subsidiary operations. In addition, independent local agricultural co-exist with their own agricultural machinery business. Besides a few large private enterprises with many branches otherwise small businesses with only one location characterize the image of the private agricultural machinery trade. In Germany, some 5,500 companies are registered in the appropriate trades. The career field is called agricultural mechanic’s craft. In addition to typical construction equipment includes the work also repair and service of construction equipment, garden tools, public service and equipment for environmental protection. In the industry, around 45,000 people are employed. Around 6,000 trainees learn the trade of farm machinery mechanic. About 200 masterpieces will be admitted annually. The cooperative farms are in the German Raiffeisen Association organized private enterprises in the main working group of the Agriculture Trade and Crafts. (Data: H. A. G.)
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