Agricultural Engineering with Using Agricultural Technology

Agricultural Engineering is a technical approach (engineering) is widely in agriculture that is needed to transform natural resources in an efficient and effective for use by humans. Thus, in a systematic science, agricultural engineering field still relies on the field of engineering sciences to solve various problems in agriculture.

Agricultural engineering terminology as the equivalent of Agricultural Engineering was introduced in Indonesia in half the 1990s. Earlier terminology that is used more narrowly, namely the adoption of agricultural mechanization of Agricultural Mechanization, since the early 1990s along with the introduction and use of tractors for agricultural intensification program.

Scope of agricultural techniques, among others, are as follows: Equipment and machinery agricultural cultivation, studying the use, maintenance and development of machine tools and agricultural cultivation. Techniques of land and water, examine the problems associated with irrigation, preservation and conservation of soil and water resources. Energy and Electrification of Agriculture, covers the principles of energy and power technology and its application in agricultural activities. Of environmental and agricultural buildings, including issues related to planning and construction of special buildings for agricultural purposes, including plant and equipment storage units, central processing and climate control systems and appropriate environmental conditions. Techniques of food processing and agricultural products, the use of machines for preparing crops, either for storage or used as food or use of any other.

The development of system science in the 1980’s to give impact on agricultural engineering, with the development of systems and management aspects of agricultural mechanization, which is the application of management and analysis system for the implementation of agricultural mechanization.

Subsequent developments, in the 20th century toward the 21st century related to computational science, technology, brain and muscle through the auxiliary control systems, expert systems, artificial intelligence in the form of application of robots in agriculture, making farming techniques developed into a system of agricultural techniques (Agricultural System Engineering).

Formal object in the form of reproductive activity flora and fauna and aquatic biota approached more broadly as a system of biologically-oriented agriculture in a holistic problem-solving. In this approach to biological resources in the form of microbe / microorganism also used as a formal object in the production and increased biomass. In some universities in America and Japan, course or department formerly Agricultural Engineering, now replaced by the name of Biological Systems Engineering.

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