Agricultural Intensification Need Fulfillment Hand Tractor

Agricultural Intensification Need Fulfillment Hand Tractor – South Bangka must do the intensification of agriculture, especially the fulfillment of Hand Tractor. Rias Village area with an area of ​​approximately 1200 hectares of planting rice only has 70 units of Hand Tractor. And to provide for the intensification of the required 120 units based on comparison of a TRACKTOR Hand Hand Tractor unit capable of working a maximum of 10 hectares paddy fields.

As stated by Regent Basel, H H Jamro Jalil in his speech paddy harvest thanksgiving ceremony Rias Village, Toboali which was attended by Governor Eko Maulana Ali H Babel with wife Hj Noerhari Astuti.

Advanced Jamro, Basel Pemkab through Agriculture and Livestock has committed to achieve self-sufficiency of Basel 2015. Of course, this vision as the Basel Regent South Bangka Makmur 2015.

The spirit and ideals to realize Basel to Food Self-Sufficiency in particular regional and agricultural development in general is the people’s economy to realize the concept of Basel as the Center of Agricultural Food Crops Development of reliable and barns in the province of Bangka Belitung. The agricultural sector is one major sector in the economic development of South Pacific and has a strategic role in which the percentage of people who eyed peasant quest to reach 70 percent of the total population.

Potential of approximately 16,850 hectares of paddy fields, the South Bangka until the year 2010 has reached 3150 ha acreage. Whereas in 2011 the Basel through the state budget funds will print 1000 ha and in 2012, Basel through the same fund plans to increase rice print about 3000 Ha. Based on the accumulated number, Basel optimistic that 2015 will be able to realize self-sufficiency of the production target of 24,000 tonnes.

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