Agricultural Land Drought Increasingly Worried

Agricultural Land Drought  Increasingly Worried – Director of the Ministry of Agriculture Food Crop Protection Erna Budiyanto admitted, compared to the year 2010 and extensive rice fields that experience drought in 2011 was much broader. “It is feared this could disrupt the production of rice in the country,” he said yesterday.
Land area of drought during the January-July 2011 reached 84 365 hectares of crop failure and the other in 1589. This number increased sharply compared to 2010 due to the same period of 8373 only to experience drought and 1655 who experienced crop failure.
Erna national rice production is believed to be susceptible to interference with the extent of land that is experiencing drought. Moreover, fields that experience drought it has great potential crop failures.
Recognized Erna, the Coordinating Ministry for Economic reportedly plans to spend aid to help cope with this drought. Some local governments will get help in the form of a pump to help farmers irrigate their fields.
Provision is recognized very precise pump in helping farmers. For the BMKG predict El Nino phenomenon will occur throughout the year. This means that in addition to providing accelerated development of the reservoir pump is also very necessary.
“The government certainly need to consider this issue seriously. Because drought also often lead to conflicts between farmers who fight over irrigation water allocation. “
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