Agricultural Machinery Industry

The VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association estimates that the worldwide production volume of agricultural machinery and tractors to 58 billion € (2009). 38 percent of which related to the production in the European Union, followed by the USA. In the past few years expanding production in China, but India had set an important production facility dar. dominated the agricultural machinery industry by the four major agricultural technology companies John Deere (USA), Case New Holland (Italy), AGCO (USA ) and Claas (Germany). They represent over 40 percent of the world market. There are also other large companies, but also many small and medium-sized niche supplier of special machines with an equally technologically sophisticated product range.

In Western Europe in the 4,500 companies in the agricultural machinery industry employs about 135,000 people, 29,000 in Germany. Germany is followed within the EU the largest site of agricultural machinery production with emphasis tractors and harvesting equipment from Italy, home to the addition of a large tractor production, particularly numerous manufacturers of equipment for farming.

Based on market volumes, so the sales in the country, France and Germany are the largest markets in the European Union. Since the end of the Cold War, the markets in Central and Eastern Europe brought back strong in the foreground and upgrading their agriculture with modern technology.

In the EU in 2009 to 160,000 tractors were registered, of which in France about 37,000, about 30,000 in Germany and in Italy about 27,000. The long-term trend is analogous to agricultural restructuring, the tractors with a stronger engine performance. The tractors represent about a third of the market volume in Europe. The second largest segment of the industry is the harvesting technology, especially the harvester and other self-propelled machines such as forage harvesters.

The economy of the agricultural machinery industry will recover since the fall of 2010. After the previous record sales in 2008 broke the turnover in the EU the following year by 22 percent. In 2010, sales declined even more, for 2011 is expected to grow by about 10 percent expected. In addition to a strong investment in Germany, the manufacturers expect again with a higher demand in other important markets such as France and Russia. (Source: VDMA 2011)

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