Agricultural Machines

Agricultural machines are specialized machines that are used primarily in agriculture. They are usually distinguished by their mobility. This means that they are either self-propelled or towed by a tugboat.

Meanwhile, modern technology and information processing kept in agricultural machinery collection. So modern tractors, fertilizers, seeds and harvesting machines are equipped for the purpose of the targeted application of the amounts already has satellite-guided navigation and mapping systems (precision farming) and a high degree of automation. In the course of structural change to the farming area per holding larger and more powerful the machines accordingly.

For small and medium-sized farms are worth the associated investment not more frequently. They join together so often in pools of machines or hire contractors for specific tasks.

Selected Agricultural Machines Types:

  • Agricultural tractor, commonly known as tractors, tractor and tractor known
  • Combine
  • Plow
  • Harrow
  • Drill (seeder)
  • Planting machine
  • Fertilizer