Agricultural Sector Investment Could Not Be Improved

Agricultural Sector Investment Could Not Be Improved – Deputy Minister of Agriculture Krisnamurthi said, world economic conditions are still experiencing many problems, making other countries can not freely invest heavily in agriculture. In fact, judging from its natural resources, the potential for Indonesia to attract investment in agriculture is quite large.

“Basically, Indonesia continues to promote investment in agriculture, but we are aware of the world economy is still problematic, as the situation in Europe, the United States, and Japan’s post-depth,” said Bayu reporters when met at his office, Monday, June 27, 2011.

However, he added, investment potential can be obtained from the multinational companies, like Nestle who built the dairy industry in Karawang and will build the baby food industry. Unilever also is building a fruit processing industry. “This approach is encouraged as a model for involving private companies to grow in food,” he said.

Bayu added, for the time being in agriculture, Indonesia is still focused on three investments, namely investment in breeding, especially as the hybrid seed corn. Second, investment in post-harvest to reduce the loss of rice crops, and the third is farmland investment.

“The investment is mainly agricultural land to areas potentially to crops, but it takes a long time if managed by local governments and farmers. For instance in Merauke, which rely on investment if the government will take a long time,” he explained.

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