Agriculture Cluster System for Easing Farmers and Producers

Cluster System for Easing Farmers and Producers. Cluster system for farmers who plant medicinal plants developed in the Regency of Semarang, Central Java. The hope, farmers and producers benefit equally, and farmers will be easier to get a running capital of the bank with a more orderly system.
Cluster development memorandum of understanding will be signed at the Office of Bank Indonesia Semarang, Central Java, between the Central Java Governor Bibit Waluyo with herbal company PT Sido Appear. PT Sido comes will receive a production of ginger and turmeric from farmers in Sub Sumowono and landmark district, Semarang regency.

Director of PT Sido Appears Irwan Hidayat, said the cooperation was expected to bring benefits to both parties, neither the company nor the farmers. The company benefited from the supply, and farmers receive a stable price.
“We definitely buy from farmers at a purchase price of goods plus profits. If the price is high, we are not forced to keep selling to us, please if you want to sell itself,” said Irwan.
There are about 2,000 farmers of medicinal plants are spread across two districts. During this time, because there are no strong institutions, farmers sell their farm produce on their own and through a long distribution chain, so that the benefits to farmers really not that big.
With the cluster system, which also form a group of farmers, farmer group and cooperative, farmers will increasingly strong position. Power is one of them to facilitate farmers in acquiring capital loans from banks to their farms.
Bibit Waluyo the occasion also asked the banks to not worry in menyalurka n credit to farmers. Therefore, the potential that exists in Central Java is huge. Especially with the company that are ready to buy the products the farmers.
Head of Industry and Trade Jateng Ihwan Sudrajat revealed, the system automatically clusters will encourage various parties to give priority to the cluster. It also means it will affect the budget allocation.
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