Agriculture Radio

Agriculture Radio – The role of radio for agricultural extension is especially important in areas where most farmers have a radio. Now many local governments develop agricultural radio broadcasts. Even the Institute for Agricultural Technology (BPTP) is scattered in various provinces in Indonesia, there is also a developing agricultural radio broadcasts, both radio broadcasts owned by local governments or private.

At its core purpose of this farm radio broadcast is to know and enhance the role of radio to the acceleration of information technology with agricultural extension activities. In this way, it is expected that the community, particularly the farming community can determine the pattern of broadcasting matters relating to agriculture in accordance with what is needed by farmers.

The quality of radio broadcasts and supporting components such as the broadcast material broadcast, broadcast support program (to encourage the listener to listen to) as the songs and the preparation of assessment activities, always be improved. Its activities can be designed, for example, information dissemination activities; then the initial test activities regarding broadcast material that will be given. Post-test is also good to do after one month of program implementation pelaksanaaan siaran.Tahap done by broadcasting some of the material broadcast and Kemudiaan evaluation by officers, for example by the BPTP by evaluating the response of farmers to broadcast material, broadcast engineering and improving the ability of farmers to the technology broadcast which is evidenced from the increase in the value of a test that has been made. The data were analyzed using a specific statistical test.

One example of the use of radio broadcasts for the extension work is done by BPTP Central Sulawesi. Since 2002, development of amateur radio has been initiated by the executive BPTP Agricultural Extension Center (BPP) which is supported by the broadcaster Joy that comes from youth and other local community members, showed that the radio broadcasts will be effective when broadcast starting at 7:00 am to 10:00 pm . Although the radio broadcast program is considered successful, but here and there was also encountered obstacles, for example in relation to funding, especially for the honoraria of employees, equipment maintenance, and so on. Now the regional government of Central Sulawesi continued to develop a radio broadcast program is given geographic area that is sometimes difficult to reach by vehicle. Radio broadcasts to areas isolated farm becomes very important.

Former province of East Java has a strong agricultural radio broadcasts in Wonokromo, South Jakarta, so it was really radio can serve as an agricultural extension program to succeed the Mass Guidance (Guidance) so that the East Java finally able to achieve rice self-sufficiency in the years 1984-1985 .

Unfortunately today many agricultural radio broadcasts program execution are not implemented at ‘full speed’ (not implemented seriously) by reason of lack of funding.

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