Agriculture Television

Agriculture Television –  The government has also utilize Television (TV) for agricultural extension activities. Until kinipun program still exists, but it is often not or less designed for the needs of agricultural extension or education, but leaning more to the entertainment programs. It should siatan agricultural programs on TV, whatever the shape and variety, shall observe the rules of the benefit, that is how the agricultural broadcast programs, broadcast on TV can be quickly adopted by the community, especially by the agricultural community. According to (Rogers and Shoemaker, 1986), there are several things to consider in carrying out agricultural broadcasts on this TV, so fast it is useful, the programs offered should be related to the rapid adoption whether or not the people doing the broadcast. According to him, the pace of adoption is influenced by several factors: (i) The nature of innovation, (ii) The nature of the target, (iii) How the decision-making objectives, (iv) communication channels used, (v) Conditions penyuluhnya itself in delivering innovation to the target, and (vi) Variety of sources of information.

In the meantime, Soekartawi (2005b) in his book ‘Agricultural Communications’ suggested that the adoption (and diffusion of innovation) technology can be successful, the technology (materials disuluhkan through the TV) should: (i) Able to provide a relative advantage can be perceived by adopternya (people who imitate the technology), (ii) has a simple shape (simple) to be more easily put into practice, (iii) Its kompabilitias the technology as needed and does not conflict with a local advantage or not contrary to customs, norms and culture; ( iv) Easy to try to exploit the resources resided around the farm, and (v) Easy to be evaluated by anyone, especially by farmers.

It is worth noting that because right now it often appears a change in the global strategic environment that leads to the stronger liberisasi and globalization of agricultural trade, then this will have consequences on the competitiveness of agricultural commodities in international markets. Thus, the role of information (and wholesale) quickly through the TV or radio becomes more important. That is why information and communication of agricultural technology needs of farmers should also be able to anticipate many changes there are. Thus, information and technology, not only can increase productivity, but also can enhance their particular socio-economic conditions of farmers and their families. Linked with the economic problems of farm families, not be separated from the farm income. Farmers’ income is income derived from all branches farming for a certain time, whether sold or not sold.

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