Agricultural Land Drought  Increasingly Worried – Director of the Ministry of Agriculture Food Crop Protection Erna Budiyanto admitted, compared to the year 2010 and extensive rice fields that experience drought […]

Marsh Farm Experiencing Setbacks – Directorate General of Water Resources Ministry of Public Works to inform you that the utilization of wetlands has not reached the target, and even tended […]

Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Rusman Heriawan revealed, chili farmers had said that his desire for the government to implement the government’s purchasing price (HPP) like grain. They […]

Cash Assistance for Farmers – Government to ensure relief for farmers who suffered puso or crop failure in 2011 is given in the form of fertilizer, seed, and cash. Cash […]

Interest in the young generation to enter the faculty of agriculture in North Sumatra began there was a decrease to 80 percent from previous years. In fact, the need for […]