Cause Damage to Agricultural Land, Due to Erosion

Cause Damage to Agricultural Land, Due to Erosion – Land use above the carrying capacity without balanced with conservation and improvement of land will lead to land degradation. Land in the uplands with steep slopes that are only suitable for forests, if they get over the function into agricultural crops will be vulnerable to disasters and erosion or landslides. Changes in the use of sloping land of permanent vegetation (forest) to intensive agricultural land causes soil to become more easily degraded by soil erosion. The practice of logging and forest destruction (deforesterisasi) is the major cause of erosion in the watershed (DAS).

Decline in farm productivity will be directly followed by a decline in the incomes of farmers and farmers’ welfare. In addition to causing lack of continuity of farming in the upstream regions, farming activities have also caused damage to land resources and the environment in the downstream areas, which will cause a lack of continuity of productive economic activities in downstream areas due to sediment deposition, damage to irrigation facilities, floods of the rainy season and dry season drought.

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