Chili farmer, Have Applied Standard Price

Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Rusman Heriawan revealed, chili farmers had said that his desire for the government to implement the government’s purchasing price (HPP) like grain. They are concerned with price fluctuations that could soar chili penetrate Rp 100,000 per kilogram.

“This is expressed by the farmers during the four districts yesterday sidak chili production centers that we visit the Brebes, Majalengka, Garut and Tuban,” Heriawan.

From the study of BPS, he added, significantly chili production was mainly the end of 2010 has decreased drastically. It resulted in disruption of supply to the market.

He explained, the decline in pepper production due to several reasons, such as traumatic in the farmers. Based on experience, pepper prices had reached Rp 3,000 per kg, whereas the break event point chili was around Rp 7,000 – Rp 8,000 per kg. As a result of that loss then there is the psychological impact as if let alone land is not planted chili.

Farmers also do not have enough capital to roll back the planting of chili. “So that’s when he should really need capital, because the sale of chili is not enough to form the accumulation of capital, so there is a reduction in chili cultivation of land,” he said. Keep derivatives industry

Another reason, continued Rusman, the season is an anomaly that caused productivity to decline. “Less sun when the peppers ready for harvest, so foul, and finally invite a variety of diseases such as mildew. Moreover, chilli plants, including sensitive, “he said.

However, today the farmers are lucky enough. Because the farmer can sell the chili up to Rp 40,000 per kg in the area. This has never happened before.

But, Rusman said, uncomfortably true the farmers have to sell at high prices, because the chain is long enough chili trade that could cause retail prices at the consumer level could reach Rp 100,000 per kg. They say, at the farm level is safest in the price of Rp 15.000 – Rp 20,000 per kg.

“They want an assurance, one that peppers the stability of prices, so there is proposed HPP. But the problem is not chili like rice, because it can not be stocked, well this means there must be a derivatives industry,” he said.

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