Definition of Agroindustrial Technology

Agroindustrial Technology is defined as the discipline of applied science that focuses on planning, design, development, evaluation of an integrated system (including human, material, information, equipment and energy) on agro-industry activities to achieve the performance (efficiency and effectiveness) of optima. Discipline is applied mathematics, physics, chemistry / biochemistry, social sciences economics, the principles and methodology in analyzing and designing to be able to estimate and evaluate the results obtained from an integrated system of agro-industries. As a blend of two disciplines, process engineering and industrial engineering with formal object is the utilization of agricultural products.

Agroindustrial Technology has a field of study as follows:

  1. The system of agricultural industrial process technology, agricultural activities associated with planning, installation and repair of an integrated system consisting of materials, resources, and energy peraltan on agro-industry factories.
  2. Industrial management, studies related to the planning, operation and repair of an integrated system of agro-industry business system issues.
  3. Teknoeconomy agro-industry, studies relating to planning, policy analysis and formulation of an integrated system of agro-industry sector issues.
  4. Quality management, application of management principles (planning, implementation and improvement) in the material (basic, standard), the system processes, products and environments to achieve the specified quality level.
Downstream from agricultural activities in the form of handling, processing, distribution and marketing which was originally in a simple and covered in agricultural technology, developed into a broader approach to industrial systems
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