Drought Hit Europe, Threaten Agricultural Production

Drought Hit Europe, Threaten Agricultural Production – Dry weather in the regions of Europe threatens the production of major agricultural products like wheat, when the world is facing high food prices and agricultural problems in other areas.

Thursday’s weather forecast brought good news for the regions of France, the rain. However, in other places, the weather is more or less the same, the sky was clear and bright.

Open cafes crowded with customers. However, the French government worried. The government announced restrictions on the use of water in about a third of the country’s territory. This week, Environment Minister Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet said the condition was “critical”.

Farmers in particular, are concerned. Alain Duchemain dairy farmers told French television that the cows are not getting enough digembalanya grass. Straw harvest a month earlier and the result is only half the usual.

Poland, Austria, some areas of southern Germany and Great Britain also experienced an unusually dry weather and high spring temperatures.

Ignacio Perez, grains analyst for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development headquartered in Paris, said the harvest season is still far away. While Europe produces one-fifth of world wheat production, dry season so far has not hit Europe’s biggest agricultural producers, Russia and Ukraine.

But Perez said the dry season, Europe became a global concern from the point of view.

“The situation is alarming, but more worrying is that we are experiencing uncertainty with respect to high food prices and high food supply estimates due to excessive demand for the products of food in the world,” he said.

Parts of Canada and the United States experienced heavy rain and flooding, while the dry season resulted in low crop yields in Western Australia and China. This happened while global demand will increase crop yields and prices rose.

This trend will probably continue, especially if global warming plays a role in weather patterns like this, which, according to Perez was the main cause.

Furthermore, Perez said, “If we observe the world’s problems, security issues and food production is increasingly becoming important, so we need to fix some of our policies.”

European Union countries to focus on improving the quality of food production and farmers’ incomes. Now, Perez said, they will have to try to increase production and invest in technology such as irrigation to cope with drought in the future.

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