Faculty of Agriculture Less Interest

Interest in the young generation to enter the faculty of agriculture in North Sumatra began there was a decrease to 80 percent from previous years. In fact, the need for experts in the field of agriculture actually increased in this era.
Said the Chairman of the Indonesian Farmers Association Harmony (HKTI) of North Sumatra, Paul Ronald Sinambela told reporters on Sunday (31 / 7) in the event of internal discussions in HKTI North Sumatra in Jalan Medan Setia Budi.
He admitted concern to see a decrease minal prospective students who entered the faculty of agriculture. Though farmers’ problems and challenges of complex semangkin semangkin day. Moreover, the challenges ahead growing number of people in North Sumatra which reaches 12 million.
“The decline in interest of students for admission to the faculty of agriculture reached 80 percent in North Sumatra. Only at USU who still survive, even at other universities who have to close the faculty of agriculture due to declining interest of prospective students, “said Paul accompanied Henryco PH Arita, M Thamrin and Yonge Sihombing.
HKTI expect the government to look at this issue, because this problem will become serious if not immediately addressed. Moreover, students as genarasi nation and as the backbone of the future of agriculture.
Paul revealed, amid the increasing number of occupations, the more it will affect the increased amount of food in North Sumatra. That is, the growth rate of the occupation when not followed the rate of growth of agricultural production of food then there is distortion in food production and food needs. “The government should provide scholarships for students entering the faculty of agriculture, especially students who excel but less capable,” he explained.