Foundation on Future Farming

The foundation aims to promote the groundbreaking projects environmentally and socially sustainable land management. It pursues the objective of organic agriculture to establish itself as a model for future agricultural policy. With financial support especially the bio-dynamic agriculture is developed, for example in the areas of plant breeding and seed. The Foundation promotes exclusively charitable purposes and projects in science, research, education, education, environment, nature conservation, landscape management, health, youth, elderly.

The objectives of the Foundation on Future Farming, according to its statutes are:

  • the promotion of research and testing of methodological and practical principles of ecological agriculture, and adult and vocational education in this context;
  • the promotion of cultural, educational and therapeutic purposes based on the particular opportunities of organic farming;
  • To enhance the landscape and nature and environmental protection and measures for conservation and development of biodiversity in animal and vegetable field and the ability to regenerate;
  • the promotion of seed research as a basis for developing site-specific seed varieties;
  • the research and development of new methods and procedures for the evaluation and measurement of food quality;
  • the promotion of animal welfare and animal welfare.
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