How to Grow Chili in the Pot

Fluctuations in the price of chili into public complaints, especially for housewives. “Complaints against the price of chili that this would not be overcome by planting chili in your backyard or cultivation in pots,” said Eki Setyarini SP, cropping Consultant and Head of Agricultural Stores Pasar Rebo, Jakarta.

Eki said, before planting, it is better prepared first seed crop and cropping media. The seeds are used depending on the tastes and interests of each of the growers.

Chilli seeds consist of two types of chilli and chilli small. Consists of a large chili pepper curls, hero, hot beauty, Dieng chili, chili peppers and other large. While little is cayenne pepper. Compared with a live big chili season, cayenne pepper can actually live for 3 years if cared for properly.

Chilli Cultivation in Pots

Eki said, before planting, then the first step that needs to be done is the preparation of the seed. The easiest way to get seeds is to buy them at farm shops.

Seeds are available at farm stores many types and brands, there are seeds of hybrid chilli seeds imported or domestic production. In one pack of seeds there are 1,000 grains of seed, for the purpose of planting pots or household scale is generally only used a few decades alone, the rest is stored in a clean container and dry.

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