Hydroponics Farming in the United States

Hydroponics Farming in the United States – Hydroponic farming in a way more popular in America because it can be harvested at any time and high productivity. Mary Ellen Taylor sells vegetables harvested over the weekend at the farmers market near Washington, DC. The leaves of lettuce are sold with the roots that are still very popular and he had many repeat customers, like Betsy Kulick.

“The sense of lettuce were very tasty. We can buy it all year even though in January, February or March. Seladanya very green leaves and taste as good as lettuce were harvested in the summer,” he said.

Taylor planted lettuce and other vegetables on his family farm in Loudon county, Virginia, about 80 miles from Washington, DC.

“Pretty lettuce-lettuce’s this? I mean, very clean, no sand or pesticides stuck to the leaves of this salad. Just like a tree planted roses, the difference, it can be eaten,” he explained.

Taylor’s 4000 harvest of lettuce every week from two greenhouse hidroponiknya. That’s why he named his garden Endless Summer Harvest or Harvest of Eternal Spring. He employs 12 part-time employees, including to receive visitors from around the world who often visited her garden.

Hydroponic plants here are protected from weather disturbances from the time of planting to harvest. Taylor said, “What we do here is to plant seeds of watercress in a kind of straw.”

After a shoot, a small plant is allowed to stand for 2 weeks in the hatchery. Then transferred to the greenhouse and placed into the pots in order to grow as the market permintaann.

Furthermore, he explained, “This tank containing 2,000 liters of water containing nutrients. Water is constantly flowing in and out of the tank after going through the system and wet all the roots of plants.”

Taylor said that the two greenhouses requires approximately one thousand square meters of land, but its productivity is equivalent to five acres of land managed by regular farming systems.

In addition to the farmers market, he can sell fresh vegetables to supermarkets and local restaurants. Anthony Lombardo chef cooking hydroponic lettuce was processed as a typical salad menu.

He said, “Customers really like the house to eat my salad that I serve. We got many compliments on this salad.”

Taylor adds, “People love to buy local food. Ninety percent of Americans eat salad every day. As another sluggish business, our business is growing rapidly. Our garden retail business really took off in America.”

Taylor said he was pleased known as the queen of lettuce, and this year he plans to double the farm.

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