Insurance Agent

Insurance Agent is a person who acts as an intermediary for various insurance companies, without being viculado exclusively to none, selling insurance contracts to its customers. In the Anglo world is known as broker. Each state sets different rules to launch a brokerage. In Spain: request code on the DGS or in the administration of the Communities skills; sign a liability insurance to cover possible damages to customers due to poor management or advice, demonstrate financial ability to exercise their functions; present a business plan and staff training that is approved by the Directorate General of Insurance and, finally, or register with Social Security as self-employed or set up a Brokerage company (a company whose main purpose marketing of Insurance).

Unlike the exclusive agent, contractually bound to a single insurance company and working for her, the Insurance Agent must sell the products of either working for and representing the policyholder to the insurer. Can act on behalf of customers canceling their policies (with the express permission of the holder) or moving to other insurers and directly manages the claims of their clients, also authorized by the Policyholder / satisfy itself.
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