Marsh Farm Experiencing Setbacks

Marsh Farm Experiencing Setbacks – Directorate General of Water Resources Ministry of Public Works to inform you that the utilization of wetlands has not reached the target, and even tended to retreat. In fact, agriculture is expected to support the swamp national food production.

“The potential of wetlands to reach 3 million hectares. We have opened 1.8 million acres, but are now effectively living 800,000 hectares. Generally occurs over the function at the request of the community,” said Director General of Water Resources Ministry of Public Works Amron Moch, Wednesday, September 14, 2011 in Jakarta.

Amron is said, over the function occurs because of low productivity, only 2 tons per hectare. It had been so, within a year there is only one time investment. Compare with three times the rice planting in the conventional.

“It takes considerable funds if you want to wake up the doors to wake the system of agricultural water is good,” said Amron. Ministry of Agriculture estimates that there are actually 9.5 million hectares of swamp land in 11 provinces.

In Indonesia, two provinces that are already developed wetlands of South Sumatra and West Kalimantan. The best farmland is in the swamp Upang Muara, Muara Sungai Musi, South Sumatra.

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