Modern Organic Agriculture

In recent years, Modern Organic Agriculture (modern organic farming) into the agricultural system in sporadic and small. Developing modern organic farming produces food that is safe for health and environment-friendly production systems. But in general the concept of modern organic farming has not been known and still widely questioned. The emphasis is more to the left while the use of synthetic pesticides. With the growing knowledge and technology, health, environment, microbiology, chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry and others, organic farming continues to grow.

In modern organic agriculture systems required quality standards and is enforced by importing countries with very strict. Frequently one of organic agricultural products must be returned to the exporting countries including Indonesia because they still found the content of pesticide residues and other chemicals.

The number of products that claim to be organic agricultural products that are not certified to make doubt on the part of consumers. Certification of organic agricultural products can be divided into two criteria, namely:

a) Local Certification for the domestic market share. Agricultural activities is still tolerate the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers in a minimal amount or Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture (LEISA), but have very limited use of synthetic pesticides. Pest control by using the biopesticide, tolerant varieties, as well as biological agents. The team to formulate a national certification has been established by the Ministry of Agriculture with the involvement of universities and other parties concerned.

b) International certification for export shares and certain circles in the country, such as the certification issued by or Skål or IFOAM. Some of the requirements that must be met, including the conversion of land, storage of organic products, seeds, fertilizers and pesticides as well as processing results must meet certain requirements as organic agricultural products.

Several prospective commodity that can be developed with organic farming systems among other food crops, horticulture, plantation, spices and medicinal plants, and livestock. Facing the era of free trade organic agriculture is expected to export its products to international markets.

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