Organic Agriculture Benefits for Soil Quality

Maintain physical properties, chemical and biological good soil is important in organic farming. For that in organic farming preferred way of managing that minimize soil erosion, improve soil organic matter content and to encourage the quantity and diversity of soil biology.

In organic farming is increasing soil fertility without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers. Instead use the following techniques:

  • Rotate crops appropriately, mixed cropping and crop integration with livestock.
  • Increase soil microorganism populations through the use of organic fertilizers.
  • Minimize activities that interfere with tilling the soil biota.
  • Keep the soil is always covered with organic mulch.
  • Avoiding excessive soil cultivation on sloping land to prevent erosion.
  • Using plants in the strip and intercropping.
  • Avoid excessive grazing.
  • Do not use synthetic chemicals that poison the soil microorganisms and soil structure damage.