Paddy Planting Calendar Support Food Security

Climate change is a natural occurrence which resulted in a change of cropping pattern and production decline. Every year the farmers are faced with an extreme climate change, both dry (El-Nino) and wet (La-Nina).

Climate change whose symptoms began to appear in recent years has led to natural disasters and the impact on harvested area of rice and other food crops. In some cases, climate change encourage the development of pests and diseases that cause crop failure. Changes in rainfall patterns should be a concern in managing the calendar and cropping pattern for sustaining agricultural production.

Agricultural production system is strongly influenced by climatic conditions. A good understanding and knowledge of how climate influenced the production system and how large the impact of climate variability on the ability of the system in production is needed.

Such knowledge can be used to determine the utilization of climate information technology that can be used to minimize climate risks that may arise through better plant planning.

Climatic factors that most felt the changes due to climate anomalies is rainfall. The need for information on rainfall conditions in the future has long been recognized and felt more urgent, especially in this time where climate anomalies increasing intensity, frequency and duration.

In Indonesia, the dominant climate anomaly events affecting agricultural production and food security. In West Kalimantan, the low productivity of rice (2-3 tons / ha), yet precisely because planting time.

From the rice harvested area in 2007 covering an area of 399,279 ha estimated at about 35% affected by drought or flood. Given the extent of the deviation caused by climate, we need a model that links between rainfall anomalies with indicators of climate so that it can do proper planning and anticipation steps earlier.

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