Plant Pests and Diseases of the Oil Palm

One of the problems in oil palm plantations is currently productivity is still below potential production. This is partly caused by pests and diseases. To be able to control it is necessary to recognize common pests and diseases that attack the plant oil palm.

Oil palm plantations are of critical importance because in addition able to create employment opportunities, as well as a source of foreign exchange. Palm oil plantations are cultivated as a large estate or plantation rubber estate is a commodity which plays a quite important especially to improve the welfare of the community planters. To increase the productivity of oil palm planters needed guidance to, among others in controlling pests and diseases.

Pests and diseases are important factors to be considered in oil palm plantations, because the consequences thereof is very large, such as the decline in crop production and even death. Pests can attack the disease of oil palm trees ranging from seedlings to mature.
Most of the pests that attack is the class of insects and partly from the class of mammals. While the diseases that attack caused by micro-organisms are fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The following are common pests and diseases that attack the oil palm plantations.
Some pests are often found in oil palm plantations are described below:
1. Nematodes (Rhadinaphelenchus cocophilus)
These pests attack the roots of oil palm plantations, with symptoms of new leaves that will be rolled open and grow upright. Then the leaves will change color to yellow and dry. Decay occurs in bunches of flowers and does not open, so the plants do not produce oil palm fruit. To eradicate the source of infection, the tree is attacked by chemical poisoning, while the plant is dead and dry dismantled and burned.
2. Borer Beetles
Borer beetle (Oryctes sp.) Attacked immature until the age of 2 years. Symptoms of attack seen in the former gerekan hole lead at the base of the stem at the point of growing plants. Eradication can be done manually and chemically. Manually executed by chasing beetles Oryctes sp. chemically and implemented by using insecticides with appropriate dosage indicated on the packaging.
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