Pollution of Agrochemicals on Agricultural Land

Pollution of Agrochemicals on Agricultural Land – Levels of pollution and environmental damage in the agricultural environment can be caused by the use of agrochemicals (fertilizers and pesticides) that are not proportional.

The negative impact of the use of agrochemicals, among others, in the form of water pollution, soil, and agricultural products, farmers’ health problems, declining biodiversity, the fecklessness of farmers in the procurement of seeds, chemical fertilizers and in determining the commodity to be grown.

Excessive use of pesticides in a long period, will impact on the lives and existence of natural enemies of pests and diseases, and also affects the livelihoods of soil biota. This led to an explosion of pests diseases and degradation of soil biota.

The use of chemical fertilizers are highly concentrated and with high doses over a long period caused the decline of soil fertility due to nutrient imbalance or deficiency of other nutrients, and the decline of soil organic matter content.

Planting rice varieties in mono Cultur without crop rotation, nutrient depletion will accelerate the occurrence of similar high amounts in a short period of time. It is allowed to continue if not close the possibility of a deficiency or deficiencies of certain nutrients in the soil.

As a result of the abandonment of the use of organic fertilizers impact on soil organic matter content shrinkage. Farming systems can be sustainable (ongoing) if soil organic matter content of more than 2%. Soil organic matter in addition to providing a complete nutrient plants will also improve soil structure, so the soil will be more crumbs. But if the addition of organic matter in the long term is not given his physical fertility will decline.

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