Relations Agriculture and Climate Change

Relations Agriculture and Climate Change – Group of scientists led by Sir John Beddington, chief science adviser to the British government, urging that priority be agriculture in climate change negotiations.

Scientists say that in an article entitled, “What’s Next for Agricultural Post-Durban?”, Following a UN climate summit in Durban which ended last December. The article said there was “great progress” in talks there to help farmers adapt to climate change while reducing the impact of agriculture on global warming.

Professor Molly Jahn of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is co-author of the article in Science magazine. He said, “Agriculture is very important, and mandatory for food security. And here we are weak and require attention, especially given the rise in food prices lately. “

Food prices remain high on the international market since the food crisis of 2007/2008.

Jahn said that agriculture is the major cause of greenhouse gases, but agriculture is also an opportunity to minimize the effect of agricultural practice is already known and proven benefits.

Science magazine article that mentions the “entry of agriculture into the climate change negotiating process is slow.” However, according to the article, at the same time the pressures of climate change, affecting food security while population growth “much faster.”

Jahn said scientists hope to influence policy makers.

Among various recommendations, including putting agriculture at the front and the center of attention in considering the policy. “As I move into climate-friendly agriculture, we need to ensure that the most vulnerable communities will be considered in any policy strategy,” says Jahn.

Jahn said the other recommendations is to reduce the amount of food is wasted or damaged, the food chain and choose plants that do not adversely affect the environment. He further said, “With current knowledge, a lot we can do with the current budget and the current economic structure will lead us to a better condition, especially in agricultural practices in developing countries and developed countries.”

Magazine article that called for the scientists’ taking a more central role “in ensuring the availability of clear data for climate change talks. The article said such data could help to spur investment in agriculture.

Professor Jahn reminded that the “window of opportunity to prevent a humanitarian crisis, the environment and climate will be closed quickly.” He added that urgent action is needed.

The role of agriculture in climate change is expected to be discussed in the Rio +20 meeting in June. Meeting in Brazil that will mark the 20th anniversary of the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, also known as the Earth Summit.

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