Resolving Problems of Agriculture with Technology

Resolving Problems of Agriculture with Technology – Chairman of the Committee on National Economy (KEN) Chairul Tanjung (CT) said Indonesia must be familiar with inflation, especially food that occurs because food alias.

Mentioned, the only way to resolve problems in the agricultural sector which is producing food this is with technology.

“Every year there is a decrease of farmland, while demand rises, so it needs the technology,” said Commissioner of Bank Mega is in his presentation about the economic condition of Indonesia in 2011, also the next five years, the event “Customer Gathering and Conversation Economic Outlook 2011,” at Menara Bank Mega, Jalan Kapten Tendean, South Jakarta, Wednesday (23/02/2011) night.

As for the expansion of the land, he said, could be a long-term strategy. For information only, inflation reached 6.96 percent in 2010 well above the government target of 5.3 percent.