Sell ​​Organic Rice

Sell ​​Organic Rice – As a manufacturer and distributor of quality organic rice and healthy, Bale Pare Karawang sell organic rice for own consumption or for resale. Bale Pare organic rice products have been certified in food production from the Health Department P-IRT: 215321501603 – Organic Rice through the packaging that comes packaged with a label and complete information about the quantity, quality and nutrient content, etc..

Here is how to order organic rice, organic produce from Bale Pare!

Bale Pare Organic Rice can be ordered via SMS to the number 085720338454, Email: / YM: bale.pare / Website: / Address: Sand Village Kaliki, District Rawamerta, Karawang regency, 41 382

Minimum order is 50 Kg (free postage for the Karawang, Subang, Purwakarta and Bekasi), and order a minimum of 200 Kg (free postage for the DKI). Price per kilo gram is Rp. 12500 – The packs are available are 1 and 5 Kg