Sustainable Agricultural Development with Organic Farming

Sustainable Agricultural Development with Organic Farming – Land is a land component of the top layer of the earth’s crust composed of mineral and organic materials as well as having physical properties, chemistry, biology, and has the ability to support human life and other living things.

As we know the food chain begins with plants. Human and animal life of the plant. Indeed there are plants and animals that live in the sea, but most of our food comes from the soil surface. Therefore, it is our duty to preserve the land so that it can support life on earth. However, as well as air and water pollution, soil contamination was largely due to human activity as well.

Increased production of biomass (plant produced agricultural activities, farming and plantations) that take advantage of uncontrolled soil can result in damage to the land for biomass production, thereby reducing soil quality and function that may ultimately threaten the survival of human life and other living things.

Some indicators that concern the evaluation of agricultural development activities to date, namely: (a) levels decreased land productivity, (2) the level of soil fertility decline, (3) conversion of agricultural land is increasing, (4) broad and expanding the quality of critical lands , (5) the level of pollution and environmental damage to agriculture increased, (6) carrying likungan degenerate, (7) unemployment rate in rural areas increases, (8) the rate of farmers is reduced, (9) income and welfare of farm families declined, (10) the gap between communities increases.

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