Systems and Concepts Aquaponic (Plantation and Livestock)

Aquaponics is a mixture of fish farming or fish farming and hydroponics or the cultivation of plants with little soil in a sustainable closed system. Aquaponics is as old as nature itself. Sylvia Bernstein, a hydroponics gardening since the old saying, “Aquaponics is truly a circulatory system of wetlands, so the system is running right on the shores of our lake.”

He is farming without soil, using chemical fertilizers that dissolve in water, before knowing he could use the waste water from the fish to grow vegetables and fruit organically.

“Honestly, I was very skeptical and really did not believe that something as simple as fish waste, can be a complete fertilizer. So I have to actually see the system used in the basement of a friend’s house. But when I’ve seen it, it changed my life, “he explained.

That was three years ago. Bernstein to build his first aquaponics system with 15-year-old son on a concrete pad outside his home in Boulder, Colorado. In a glass house now, it is mainly raising tilapia and trout – to feed them once a day. There are no weeds in the garden aquaponicsnya, and he does not have to worry about watering. Plants grown in containers as high as the table so easily taken care of.

Bernstein said again, “Recently, this morning, I pull out of four radishes and some lettuce for lunch. In my greenhouse right now, I planted all kinds of herbs, tomatoes, and peppers.”

Bernstein started his own business, The Aquaponics Source, with stores on the internet, its own YouTube channel, and his blog, He teaches at the Denver Botanic Gardens aquaponics and recently published a book on how to make a home aquaponic garden.

According to Bernstein, the more people in America and around the world of gardening aquaponics, and enjoy the results: a healthy food supply, safe and delicious all year round.

Internet helps a lot of people who are connected to each other aquaponic gardening and learning.

James Godsil, who co-founded the Sweet Water Organic, commercial aquaponics farm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, three years ago, said, “Aquaponics most fitting for a person’s mental and physical health.”

In 2010 he helped set up a foundation to promote a new way of gardening that.

“Sweet Water Foundation is dedicated to democratization and globalization of information and methodology required in promoting food production systems, which are environmentally friendly, which only uses about 10 percent of the agricultural plain water, and do not use pesticides. Rumble natural,” said Godsil again.

According to Godsil, the advantages it has become a powerful incentive for people from all walks of life who are considering a career in aquaponics.

“Sweet Water Foundation may already have 500 supporters, including school students, the community of retired engineers, professional, social leaders, teachers and artists. There are so many young adults who will retire and try another career for the next 20 years,” he added.

Through cooperation and joint projects, Godsil brings inspiration to the outer borders of the United States.

He said, “I was asked to go to Venezuela in March of this. I work with people who have a project in Ecuador. I work with people in the Congo, Uganda and Tanzania.”

Subra Mukherjee is the secretary of a private group in Kolkata, India.

Godsil added, “We have formed the initiative of Indo-American aquaponics, aquaponics and we aim to make one of the activities of the fastest growing economy in India in 10 years.”

Society is a private group called Appropriate Technology for Rural Sustainability, in partnership with Sweet Water Foundation is seeking initiatives in India.

Mukherjee said, “We work in a location called the Sunderbans, West Bengal located. People here are very poor soil conditions make the plants do not grow. So, I’m sure, like aquaponics technology ideal for these situations. We really can do it in the middle of slums in cities. So, this is an excellent example for urban and rural communities. “

The lawyers said, with rising fuel and fertilizer prices, while reduced irrigation water supplies, aquaponics provide sustainable alternatives that could help feed the world population numbers continue to grow.

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